Mohawk PureTech LVP

Mohawk PureTech Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection

Elevate your space with Mohawk PureTech Luxury Vinyl Planks.

Choose from a variety of stunning wood-look and patterned designs, all featuring PureTech technology for unmatched durability, stain resistance, and waterproof protection.

Ideal for busy households and high-traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways.

Discover your perfect PureTech LVP:

  • Ellenwood Collection: Timeless charm and warmth of natural hardwood in the stunning Ellenwood Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection.
  • Native Ridge Collection: Rustic charm of reclaimed wood with easy-care benefits in the Native Ridge Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection.
  • Avery Grove Collection: Modern sophistication with clean lines and contemporary designs in the Avery Grove Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection.

Explore our collections - Ellenwood, Native Ridge, and Avery Grove - to find your ideal floor style!

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