Aladdin Cityscope Carpet Tile

Unleash the Magic of Urban Style: Aladdin Cityscope Carpet Tiles

Bring the vibrancy of cityscapes to your commercial space with Aladdin Cityscope Carpet Tiles.

This collection offers a classic, multi-color pattern in a convenient 24" x 24" tile format, perfect for creating a stylish and durable floor in high-traffic areas.

Aladdin Cityscope Tiles combine functional durability with stylish design, utilizing high-performance materials for superior stain resistance in commercial spaces. Offering four distinct color combinations, these tiles provide endless options to create either a modern or playful aesthetic, ensuring both longevity and visual appeal in any setting.


  • 24" x 24" tile format
  •  for superior stain and soil resistance.
  •  for a long-lasting and professional finish.
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Glue-down installation
  • High-performance Envirostrand SD PET fiber
  • Stylish look

Upgrade your commercial space with the timeless appeal and functionality of Aladdin Cityscope Carpet Tiles. 

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