What type of flooring should you put in your kitchen?

When choosing a type of flooring for the kitchen, you'll want something durable, waterproof, and something that can withstand accidental drops. We have asked our experts at Arko Flooring for their top choices of the flooring designs you should install.
Kitchens are a popular place for people to come together. (We think it may have to do something with food…) This means that the flooring design you choose will need to be durable, water resistant, and easy to clean. We talked to our flooring experts and they gave us a few flooring types for you to consider! Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) – LVP is a great flooring option we recommend for most situations. This wood looking material is perfect for a...
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What type of flooring should you put in a bathroom?

We have put together a list of our most popular choices of flooring for your bathroom. We have included links and images to help your research into what is best to put in your space.
The bathroom is one of the most popular places to walk around barefoot in your home. We believe it is important to have a floor beneath your feet that feels comfortable, but also compliments your interior design. People have a common mindset that buying flooring for their bathroom is the same process as buying flooring for the rest of the house. Read more to learn why that is not the case and what flooring we suggest you purchase. If you...
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10 Things to consider when shopping for flooring!

We provide you with 10 things you should be aware of before starting your next flooring project!
We know a lot goes into starting your flooring project. Shopping for the perfect design can be very stressful and complicated! We have put together 10 things to know and be aware of when starting your next flooring project. 1. Prepare for the future When purchasing flooring, you want to be sure you are spending your money in a smart way. You may be planning to start a family or add a four-legged friend to your home! Will the floor you choose accommodate these life...
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