Elevate Your Floors with the Perfect Flooring Trim

Flooring trim is the finishing touch that can take your floors from good to great. It can add a touch of elegance, sophistication, or even whimsy to your décor.

And it's not just about looks - flooring transitions can also play an important role in protecting your floors and walls from damage.

Our flooring trim collection offers a wide variety of styles and materials to choose from, so you can find the perfect trim to complement your décor.

Whether you prefer the classic look of wood trim or the modern elegance of metal trim, we have something for you.

Here is a closer look at some of the flooring trims we offer:

  • Quarter Round
  • T-Molding
  • Reducer
  • Overlap Stair Nose
  • Flush Stair Nose
  • Stair Tread

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