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We have financing solutions that can help fit your flooring purchase into your budget. Our financing solutions will address your specific needs and make large purchases manageable.

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Exclusive Accountholder Features


Get rid of paper clutter with a totally digital approach to statements and payments, including scheduled, Autopay and some same-day payments.

Your Credit Score

Your credit score can have a major impact on load approvals, interest rates and more. But how do you know what your score is - and how to improve it? It's easy when you enroll in Synchrony's free credit score program.

MySynchrony Mobile App

Enjoy the power of mobile management for many of your accounts issued by Synchrony Bank, from essential functions to unique features like viewing promotional purchase details and an in-app credit limitincrease request.

Pay Without Log In

It's a simple, fast, secure way to make same-day payments online - without logging in or having to remember yet another password. Use it with any connected device. 

Just register, enable, and go!

Synchrony Card Security Program

When unexpected life events affect your finances, Synchrony's optional Card Security program offers a solution to give you peace of mind - and help you stay on track to what matters most in your life.

Track Account Activity

Sign up for text and email alerts so you never miss a payment again. Set automatic schedules to pay off different purchases.