10 Things to consider when shopping for flooring!

10 Things to consider when shopping for flooring!

Michael Rubinstein

We know a lot goes into starting your flooring project. Shopping for the perfect design can be very stressful and complicated! We have put together 10 things to know and be aware of when starting your next flooring project.

1. Prepare for the future

    Two children playing on a red rug

    When purchasing flooring, you want to be sure you are spending your money in a smart way. You may be planning to start a family or add a four-legged friend to your home! Will the floor you choose accommodate these life events? This will be important to think about as you do your research.

    2. Weather

    Sunshine coming through a window onto the floor and cabinet

    Whether you are buying flooring for your home or business, the climate and weather in your area is important to keep an eye on. Water and heat will be two of the biggest stressors on your flooring. Flooring that gets too much sunlight may start to lose it's color. If you live in an environment where it rains a lot, some flooring types start to warp. Be sure to ask about how weathering may impact the flooring you choose to purchase.

    3. Long Term Maintenance  

    Open door showing a pile of construction equipment placed on the floor

    When choosing the flooring you want, it is important to ask about the ongoing maintenance that might be needed. There are many flooring types that do not require any upkeep or at least very minimal work. 

    4. Allergies

    Woman blowing her nose on the couch

    Do you or someone in your family suffer from allergies? Don’t let your flooring be the reason they keep getting sick. Carpets and rugs are known to keep allergies around. By selecting more hardwood flooring options like tile, wood, or formaldehyde-free laminate, you or a loved one won’t have to worry!

    5. Virtual Testing 

    A person using their smartphone

    Today, most people have a smart device or know someone who does. There are now resources that are free to customers that allow you to preview your dream flooring design in any room/space. These resources allow you to upload a photo of your space and then you get to test what looks best without having to install anything first. Look out for these great resources and others to enhance your purchasing decision!

    6. DIY or Professional Installer

    A person installing a new floor

    A decision you will need to keep in mind while you are shopping for flooring is if you are going to be installing the floor yourself or will be having a professional installer come to your space. Depending on the location you choose to buy your flooring from, they can offer a variety of services to help you out during the installation process. 

    7. Measure, Measure, and Measure again 

    A close up image of measuring tape

    We can not express how important it is for you to accurately measure your space. Like #6, a lot of flooring businesses offer a free quote and come measure your space for you. This could be a great opportunity to get to meet people in the industry and utilize as you start your renovation process.

    8. How will the space be utilized?

    A small child playing with toys and bricks on a floor

    By planning for the future, you will want to think about what your space will be used for. Is a toddler going to be playing on it or will it be the entrance to your home where there will be high traffic of people? Having answers to these questions will help you accurately choose the flooring best for you!

    9. Room Decorations 

    A colorful pillow and area rug in an empty room

    Choosing a floor color and design can make or break a room (No pressure!) Remember to keep the furniture and other objects in the space in the forefront of your mind when deciding. You don’t want to be stuck with a conflicting design and make it unbearable to enjoy the space.

    10. Think Local 

    Three men talking in a construction warehouse

    When thinking of different vendors to visit and get quotes from, be sure to check out local flooring businesses. You may be able to get a good deal and work directly with an individual leading to a faster overall process. Most of the time when you do visit a local business you are talking to someone who has been in the field for a long time. These are great people who can answer all your questions!

    Arko Flooring is a locally owned Pennsylvania flooring store. We offer a wide range of products from the top manufacturers in the industry. We strive to bring you the latest styles and products for your DIY projects to enhance your home or business space. Contact us for a free estimate or stop by our extensive showroom located at 615 Graham Street Harrisburg, PA 17110! Email us at info@ArkoFlooring.com or call us at (717)-255-0056


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